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Utah Code Camp 2014: Notes

I went to Utah Code Camp 2014. It has happened at University of Utah with more than 850 attendees. The organizers were awesome as always. They planned 13 concurrent tracks with great schedule this time.

I want to capture some notes from the sessions I went to.

Conceptual Data Modeling by Tyler Young

Tyler talked about ORM tool – this not the tool you are thinking. It is about object-role modeling and how you can use this tool to do modeling and generate ER diagrams and SQLs for different DBs.

Introduction to HBase by Giri Vislawath

Giri talked about HBase overview. Slides

Building web apps with node.js by Scott Hillman

Scott went over Node.js’s event loop model. And explained why it is not good for CPU bound intensive tasks but it is great for IO bound tasks. Talked about npm. And why there is only one package manager (because they are awesome and no one wants yet an another one).

Talked about node developer work flow with tools like nodemon and node-supervisor.

Machine Learning the easy way with Weka by Alton Alexander

Weka is a tool that will give you easy and fast ML results. Programmed with all of the common ML algorithms, you can start to impress fast!. He went over the Weka tool GUI and some of the ML algorithms.

Ember.js Lessons Learned by Justin Ball

The slides are available here.

There is jQuery plugin as well.

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