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Panamax Template for Couchbase 5 Node Cluster

Panamax is Docker Management for Humans. You can get started with simple steps described here. It provides a friendly interface for users of Docker, Fleet & CoreOS. With Panamax, you can easily create, share and deploy any containerized app no matter how complex it might be. You can linking (or stitching them) different docker images together and exposing them to outside world. You can start and stop docker containers everything within panamax web ui.

I have created “Panamax template for couchbase 5 node cluster”. Let’s see how simple it is to setup the cluster.

Most of the steps taken from here. I just made a panamax template.

Step 1 : Login into coreOS

panamax ssh

Step 2: Run the blow command from coreOS

docker ps

for name in dustin_couchbase_{1..4}; do docker inspect -f '' $name; done

It will give you 4 IP address:


Step 3: Open new terminal and run all these commands in host OS (where your Virtual box running)

VboxManage controlvm panamax-vm natpf1 rule1,tcp,,8091,,8091 VboxManage controlvm panamax-vm natpf1 rule2,tcp,,8092,,8092 VboxManage controlvm panamax-vm natpf1 rule3,tcp,,11210,,11210

Note: If you are not clear why you have to do this, here is panamax wiki that explains in detail.

Step 4: Go to (couchbase admin web console)


Login with
Username: Administrator
Password: password

Step 5: Go to “Server Nodes”

Add servers by IP address (Ref# Step: 2)

More resources to follow: